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Kayak & Paddleboarding Open 7 Days Sunrise to Sunset & Every Night     RESERVATION REQUIRED

iPaddle supports the US Coast Guard and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary’s efforts to promote a safe and responsible boating environment on and around South Florida’s waterways.

Along with our clean-up and climate efforts, we are in the process of reviewing our procedures to ensure that they exceed, and continue to exceed the legal guidelines and expectations of our members and clients.  For now, you can expect always to be provided with high-quality and well-maintained equipment,  personal floatation devices or PDF’s appropriate to your body type and activity and professionally trained guides who put safety first when you rent or tour with us.

We will continue to produce and deliver safety content and training to ensure that your life and the lives of your loved ones are in safe hands whenever you get on the water with iPaddle Miami.

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