Kayak Fishing Tours

Miami, Pelican Harbour

Peacock Bass Kayak Fishing Tour

Paddle now offers freshwater and in shore salt water kayak fishing tours. Day or night! The sport of Kayak Fishing and its community are growing fast, for many, it’s one of those bucket list items- targeting and catching that dream fish, not by boat or land, but by kayak. iPaddle provides experienced guides and all the tools you’ll need for a great kayak fishing adventure. Learn and apply the tips and tricks for kayak fishing in these abundant south Florida waters. Although we specialize in peacock bass and snook fishing, we catch it all! What do you want to target?Experience suggested not required. For more info on what to expect of your fishing trip, send us an email or give us a call!

Reservations are recommended to be made 72 hrs in advance.
* Cancellation must be 48 hrs in advanced, any later cancelation is non refundable.

Tour reservations are required and can be booked online below.

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