Paola P

5 star rating Great experience Great place to explore nature around the area.

Thank you Manny for accommodating and helping us rescheduling.....

We will come...
read more - 7/02/2019 

Jana Clark AvatarJana Clark

Manny was more than accommodating for me and my niece, especially since I accidentally booked my reservation for 3:30 AM!... read more - 6/05/2019 

Omar Ortega AvatarOmar Ortega

Great service great experience cant wait to do it again - 5/17/2019 

Manny Castle AvatarManny Castle

Superior - 5/17/2019 

Angel L. Lamas AvatarAngel L. Lamas

Very good experience. Try it - 5/13/2019 

TimKF AvatarTimKF

5 star rating Great Experience/ Highly recommended Thanks, Manny, for the great experience today! Your helpful and thinkful instructions and sympathetic way made our day as absolute... read more - 4/22/2019 

Darren S AvatarDarren S

Amazing! - 4/17/2019 

Ana Laura AvatarAna Laura

Super friendly, up close and personal helpful, good amount of time for what you pay - 4/17/2019 

Matthew Watts AvatarMatthew Watts

Awesome service, great to be on the water for sunset. - 3/17/2019 

Jon Aloff AvatarJon Aloff

Manny was awesome! Very helpful with instructions for paddling and the route. You even get a free cooler to use... read more - 3/15/2019 

Sydney Shaffer AvatarSydney Shaffer

Even as an indoorsy person with aquaphobia I highly recommend iPaddle. Manny was so sweet and helpful even after my... read more - 3/15/2019 

Linda Green AvatarLinda Green

My daughter and grandsons were visiting and at last minute needed something fun to do so we called and spoke... read more - 2/23/2019 

Adri J. AvatarAdri J.

5 star rating It was such an awesome time out on the water. Manny was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He gave me a... read more - 2/10/2019 

Mel Hill AvatarMel Hill

We loved the location and the islands. Great family fun! High recommended. Manny was very informative. - 1/21/2019 

amado ventura Avataramado ventura

We will definitely be out there with them again. - 1/17/2019 


Best place to rent a paddle board or kayak - 1/17/2019 

Bryan Coronel AvatarBryan Coronel

Manny gave us the best tour anyone could possibly ask for . So committed and passionate about his job. I... read more - 1/17/2019 

chris Offord Avatarchris Offord

Seriously good value for money. The staff was polite, friendly and helpful. Well worth going out to explore the 3... read more - 1/04/2019 

Adrián Salas AvatarAdrián Salas

The best! - 12/17/2018 

Anthony C. AvatarAnthony C.

5 star rating Had a great experience here at iPaddle. I booked 24 hours in advance with a deposit and had a very... read more - 11/27/2018 

Ricardo Matallana AvatarRicardo Matallana

I highly recommend this place for a fun day on the water wether it’s for paddle boarding, kayaking etc. The... read more - 11/17/2018 

Margaret Castillo AvatarMargaret Castillo

Manny was beyond accommodating to me and my family. Set us up immediately and showed us some kayaking basics.... read more - 11/17/2018 

Richard R AvatarRichard R

5 star rating Very accomodating company! We had iPaddle deliver kayaks to an off-site Miami location. They arrived early with top-of-the-line equipment and worked very efficiently... read more - 10/25/2018 

Kala Williams AvatarKala Williams

Loved the islands Was the best experience , and very professional I highly recommend!! - 10/17/2018 

Anthony Nathan AvatarAnthony Nathan

Great day. Sean gave us a great lesson and we had a blast. - 10/17/2018 

Shayla King AvatarShayla King

This was my first time with my dad who was visiting for the weekend. Manny was so friendly and helpful.... read more - 10/17/2018 

Bonez Lo AvatarBonez Lo

Heres a better review, misclicked yours earlier. Anyways this location is perfect for catching the sunset, not too crowded... read more - 10/17/2018 

Jaime Rivera AvatarJaime Rivera

I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a kayaking adventure! I did the speciality tour and it was... read more - 10/17/2018 

Vanessa ST AvatarVanessa ST

This was such a great trip! Our guide, Manny, was super nice and went the extra mile to make sure... read more - 9/17/2018 

Nola Lsat AvatarNola Lsat

This was a really cool trip! Manny is really committed to making sure you have a great time and kayaking... read more - 9/17/2018 

Chaasadyah Charles AvatarChaasadyah Charles

I cannot express how much my experience surpassed all expectations. This is not just kayaking or paddle boarding. This is... read more - 8/17/2018 

Tommy Salleh AvatarTommy Salleh

Fast delivery and great service. Needed to get out on the water last minute with some friends, booked online and... read more - 8/17/2018 

Callie Yohn AvatarCallie Yohn

We had an awesome time with iPaddle Miami! Manny is super helpful with first timers and you feel like... read more - 8/17/2018 

Christy L. AvatarChristy L.

5 star rating My experience was great. Great customer service. He was very patient in teaching us how to kayak. Would go another... read more - 8/05/2018 

Callie Y AvatarCallie Y

5 star rating Awesome time with iPaddle Miami! We had an awesome time with iPaddle Miami! With it being our first time in the area, we searched paddle... read more - 7/23/2018 

Eric L. AvatarEric L.

5 star rating We are from NYC and visiting for the week. Decided to do something adventurous. Was a little nervous and skeptical... read more - 7/16/2018 

Vadim M AvatarVadim M

4 star rating Very good service and instructions! We rented a double kayak for a couple of hours. The staff was great and helpful, and their location is... read more - 5/11/2018 

HavCo AvatarHavCo

5 star rating Easy and Fun! My boyfriend and I were visiting Miami from NYC and wanted to do something a bit more adventurous than tanning... read more - 5/01/2018 

Jasmine N. AvatarJasmine N.

5 star rating Kayaking under the full moon is something everyone should experience. Manny was a great instructor and ensured that the group... read more - 5/01/2018 

David K AvatarDavid K

5 star rating Love Kayaking with iPaddle Always love Kayaking with iPaddle! Really cool perspective of Miami. We even spotted a Dolphin in Pelican Harbor! - 4/01/2018 

Jaclyn M AvatarJaclyn M

5 star rating Paddle boarding Great time paddle boarding. Two hours was plenty of time to explore. Loved being able to paddle to pelican island.... read more - 3/27/2018 

alreviews Avataralreviews

5 star rating Kayaking -don't need experience -no tour guide -three islands that you get to explore -beautiful location -wildlife -romantic -would do again - 2/08/2018 

Jacqueline G. AvatarJacqueline G.

5 star rating iPaddle is hands down the best company to paddle and kayak with. Manny and his team are always super helpful... read more - 12/04/2017 

Aymeev AvatarAymeev

5 star rating The best kayak and stand up paddle rental in Miami Beach Love renting kayaks and paddle boardsds at iPaddle Miami, they are 24/7 and deliver. They also give stand up paddle... read more - 10/14/2017 

Aymee V. AvatarAymee V.

5 star rating Manny and his crew are amazing, you can rent kayaks and paddle boards 24/7 and they deliver. The North Bay... read more - 10/14/2017 

Jox K. AvatarJox K.

5 star rating Hands down one of the best kept secrets in Miami. You can rent kayaks 24/7, paddle out at sunset, early... read more - 9/26/2017 

Robert W. AvatarRobert W.

5 star rating If you are not afraid of kayaking at night I recommend the night tour, the guide is amazing and from... read more - 9/25/2017 

John S. AvatarJohn S.

5 star rating A+ place to rent paddle boards and Kayaks. Super friendly and informative staff, lots of great safety tips. Nice islands... read more - 7/12/2017 

Steven R. AvatarSteven R.

5 star rating If you are shopping around for the best combination of price and experience, this is it. Seriously, don't waste your... read more - 5/18/2017 

Justin B. AvatarJustin B.

5 star rating We had a great time! Very easy to rent and they give you a mini lesson before hand! Great for... read more - 5/01/2017 

Alexa L. AvatarAlexa L.

5 star rating My girlfriends and I from Wisconsin visited Miami last week and were beyond impressed with iPaddleMiami! We called early one... read more - 4/29/2017 

Val1347 AvatarVal1347

5 star rating Kayaking Amazing place with really friendly stuff! Definitely should visit this spot if you like kayaking! You can do BBQ on... read more - 4/20/2017 

Cristin R. AvatarCristin R.

5 star rating I have been kayaking atleast once a week for the last 2 years. Prior to checking out ipaddle, I had... read more - 4/18/2017 

Patricia H. AvatarPatricia H.

5 star rating IPaddle offers a very convenient and affordable way to get on the water via kayak or paddle board. If you're... read more - 4/17/2017 

Zelansky S. AvatarZelansky S.

5 star rating I went with my gf at 9pm on a tour with Manny. Great experience, it was our first time and... read more - 3/26/2017 

Tiffany L. AvatarTiffany L.

5 star rating Awesome experience! Manny you rock! I recommend going on the tour if it is your first time. No experience needed... read more - 3/26/2017 

Jake Q. AvatarJake Q.

5 star rating Great way to chill out early in the morning. The three islands you can paddle to are super relaxing and... read more - 3/17/2017 

Robin G. AvatarRobin G.

5 star rating Manny at iPaddleMiami is very accommodating and flexible, he is easy to work with and eager to help. We had... read more - 2/17/2017 

Mia R. AvatarMia R.

5 star rating Best place ever... we tried to rent a kayak at Capitan's Joe Boat Rental and had a bad experience, very... read more - 2/06/2017 

Andrea P AvatarAndrea P

5 star rating Kayak Really enjoyed the experience and how unique it was being that you actually paddle to a destination such as the island. - 1/25/2017 

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